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Joy Black

Emerald Rose Corporation’s founder and CEO is Joyce Black, RN, BA; or “Joy” as she prefers to be called.  She is a graduate of the Mt Sinai of Cleveland School of Nursing and earned a BA from Ursuline College in Health Services Management.  She served two years as a Peace Corp volunteer in Chile, South America.  Active in the community, Joy is a charter member of the Chesterland Rotary International where she has served as both President and Assistant Governor.  Joy is a past member of the board for the Geauga County Housing Coalition, the Maple Leaf Community Residences, and the Board for Care Corps. based in Chardon, Ohio.

Joy Black brings to Emerald Rose over twenty-five years’ experience with adult foster care and working with elderly, disabled and severely emotionally challenged adults aged 18 and up.  To date, she estimates that she has assisted with the treatment of over 300 residents, including 100 adults struggling with severe emotional issues.

She founded Joy’s Place in Chardon, Ohio in 1989 to provide a homelike living situation for both the elderly and adults with emotional issues that require a structured environment.  In 2008 she also founded and continues to manage Vron Place, a nonprofit group home for adults who need a structured environment, but desire more autonomy. A third home, Joy’s Place Two (now Amelia Grace) was opened in 1996 and continues to provide care under new ownership, in Chesterland, Ohio.

Six years ago Joy decided to help on a larger scale than the two group homes she has founded and continues to manage with the assistance of her husband of 42 years, Shannon Black, son, Shannon, and daughter, Heather Weikum.  Grounded in her love for the land and experience owning a farm, Joy became dedicated to the concept of a residential, therapeutic, farming community to assist those with severe emotional illnesses such as schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, and PTSD, recover to their optimum independence and health.  To that end Emerald Rose Corp., a 501(c)(3)  nonprofit organization, was formed, with Joy as its CEO, and the journey begun!

Joy’s direct involvement with all of her residents and as an active volunteer has provided her with the opportunity to cultivate many valuable contacts in the mental health and medical fields, medical practices and facilities, and among others in her caring profession.  Joy’s Place is also committed to furthering the Emerald Fields of Troy project and has remained a substantial financial supporter.

Her philosophy throughout her career has been to respect the dignity and integrity of all she meets in her personal and professional capacity.  Joy has always been dedicated to helping her residents participate in the household and stay active in as many interests as possible. She believes that mental illness, just like a physical illness, is a condition that no one wants or asks for.  Like a chronic physical condition, a person struggling with mental illness deserves support and treatment.  Nor should an individual ever be defined by one aspect of their being, but honored as a whole person where their physical or mental challenge is but one trait of many.