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Emerald Fields of Troy

LOGO2COur plan is to create a caring community providing extended care residential treatment services for the Seriously Mentally Ill who are currently disabled and unable to manage daily routines or work.

To address the burden of disability associated with Serious Mental Illness, we will offer the peaceful security of long-term residency, where appropriate…and full return to normal life, where possible. Length of residency will be dependent upon client recovery and ability to participate it Emerald Fields of Troy life activities.  Our individualized 24/7 care philosophy, which embraces wellness as its goal, will be deployed with agricultural work, art therapy and other proven therapeutic programs including music and animal assisted therapy.

Emerald Fields of Troy will be a 30 bed, resident paid, therapeutic campus licensed by the State Department of Mental Health. To ensure the highest level of quality service Emerald Fields of Troy will provide all services and conduct all operations in accordance with CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) accreditation.

The Capital Campaign goal is $4,000,000. At goal, we will cover construction and required start-up expenses. Initially we will ask for pledges which will be held until we break ground which will be initiated when we have reached $2,000,000 in pledges and/or cash contributions. The campaign committee will be comprised of volunteers and advisory board members who are also volunteers. Campaign costs and operating expenses are being met through individual cash donations and proceeds from self-funding events organized by volunteers.



An expansive, 21-acre, tree-lined property located in Troy Township, Emerald Fields is situated in a rural peaceful community of less than 2,000, nestled in the southeast corner of Geauga County in Burton Ohio. On Nash Road we are 17 miles east of Solon Ohio on State Route 422 and 17 miles south of Chardon Ohio on State Route 44. Emerald Fields is conveniently located and easily accessible and is also just 14 miles south of University Hospital West Geauga Campus on State Route 44.



We will admit those (over 18 years of age) with diagnoses such as Schizophrenia, Bi-Polar disease, major depression, dual diagnosis, Post-Traumatic Stress syndrome and other related syndromes. Those with severe impairment or a recent psychotic episode, stabilized on an acute care unit will be considered for admission. Those with drug or alcohol addiction who have not been free of either for a period of one year and those with a history of excessive violence toward others will not be considered for admission.

With rehabilitation as our primary focus the clients’ prospect for and commitment to recovery is vital in the admissions process.  For the seriously mentally ill, recovery is a complex and potentially difficult process.  As reported by The National Technical Assistance Center’s Mental Health Recovery, recovery…..“ involves a personal journey of actively self-managing a psychiatric disorder while reclaiming, gaining, and maintaining a positive sense of self”,…… “Recovery involves learning to approach each day’s challenges, to overcome disabilities, to live independently and to contribute to society”.

Those with severe impairment (s) with the physical capability to work and perform life functions when not impaired by their psychosis who have been receiving treatment and are stabilized are candidates for Emerald Fields of Troy.  Clients and families must understand the program is resident agreed-upon participation. Client participation in work assignments and structured activities are required in order for them to reach their goals. Even a small agreement by the client to participate in any part of the program will gain them acceptance.



We will offer adults with chronic emotional impairment (serious mental illness) a stable home base and life-long therapeutic interventions, fostering independent living and wellness through a dynamic program of person-centered, community-based care. All admissions will be voluntary with agreement to participate in our agricultural and art therapy programs as well as team participation in daily chores.   These activities will help provide structure in the day and foster good work ethic and help the staff assess each resident’s abilities. A team approach will help residents learn tolerance, uncover hidden talents, improve self-responsibility. As a result of this level of socialization the resident can expect a control of symptoms and improved self-expression. Click here to learn more about Emerald Fields of Troy.